Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of numerous individuals across campus, including the members of the Sustainability Working Group which is composed of faculty, staff, and students representatives. President Edward Ayers signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in 2007, thereby committing the University to measuring the University’s carbon footprint and developing a plan to reach climate neutrality. The plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2010 and updates are completed every other year. Greenhouse gas emissions are measured annually to measure progress.

The University has set 2050 as the target date for neutrality, with an interim target of a 30% reduction by 2020.

The plan proposes various action items under each of the following categories: administration, infrastructure energy use, transportation, materials management, conservation, and education.

The plan is a living document and will be reviewed and revised periodically as the University progresses toward climate neutrality. New technologies, economic conditions, and changes in climate science will potentially necessitate changes to the University’s strategies. Explore various iterations of the Climate Action Plan below.

University of Richmond 2010 Climate Action Plan

University of Richmond 2012 Climate Action Plan Update

University of Richmond 2014 Climate Action Plan Update

University of Richmond 2016 Climate Action Plan Update

University of Richmond 2018 Climate Action Plan Update